About Us

Torch Graphic Press delivers entertaining stories and non-traditional tales in a graphic format that engages all readers and addresses the struggle with text that some readers experience. Distinctive storytelling, character-driven plots, and original graphics let students immerse themselves in adventures that are rooted in realism. The two inaugural series focus on STEM concepts and monsters and time travel – compelling reads for both academic and entertainment pursuits.

  • Helpful resources for struggling and reluctant readers
  • Great transitional titles from picture to chapter books
  • Relatable characters help readers imagine themselves as heroes in grand adventures
  • Popular format and engaging content are ideal for grade 4 reading level and grades 5-8 interest level
  • Challenging words are highlighted and defined; supplemental activities support further discovery
"I love these books--and so will upper elementary readers. Graphic novel conceits are well integrated with a diverse cast of characters. Subject-area content feels organic and the back-matter adds to--rather than waters down--the narratives. The recurring characters, Spanish-language, vocabulary support, and clear parallel structure between the books in a series will engage avid and struggling readers alike. I can't wait to see what's next!"
—Dr. Wendy Stephens, Assistant Professor of Library Media, Jacksonville State University


"D is for Democracy is the little book that should: Be a part of every child's library, be required reading for every member of Congress and inspire every American to get involved in promoting the uniquely American values that shine through all the letters on every page of this wonderful book."
—Phil Donahue