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Social Studies

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A City of Werewolves

A strange epidemic is taking over ancient Machu Picchu. Every full moon, llamas disappear from the Incan village, and villagers report hearing mysterious howls. Could it be a werewolf? Jorge, More →

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A Ghostly Encounter

Tío has an important mission for Elena, Jorge, and Fiona. They're being sent to the southern lowlands of ancient Maya. They must find not one but two poltergeists who are forcing the Maya… More →

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Alien Invasion: Sports Edition

Doing the right thing is never easy--especially if you feel alone. But having friends who are out of this world can help! A spaceship full of alien athletes who crash-landed on Earth offer… More →

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Bump, Set, Spike: A Tough Choice

Sharice is a volleyball star just waiting to crush it on the court. Her busy schedule means she has some choices to make, though. With the help of an alien friend, will she be there in time… More →

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Double Trouble: A Principal Possessed

When Suni, Gale, and Shi-woo set out to free their principal from what they think is an unwanted spiritual possession, they'll uncover a shocking truth about the school! Suni, Gale, and… More →

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Empty Halls: Class in Session

On the first day of class at Nightmute Academy, Suni's connection to the supernatural leads to a warning about the school--delivered to her from beyond the grave. Suni, Gale, and Shi-woo are… More →

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Let's Play Ball: Facing Your Fear

Javier loves playing baseball. He wants to prove to everyone that he's a great pitcher. But his nerves get the best of him. With help from an alien friend, will Javier have the chance to run… More →

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Magical Pet Vet

Join magical pet vets--Taye, Marta, and Emily--on their wild adventures with some of the magical world's most misunderstood creatures, including: a crocodingo, a phoenix, a sniffler, a… More →


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